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About Me

As the Director of the Development Team for Local Life Agents, Ryan Wood has the intelligence and wisdom his clients need and his colleagues deserve to receive.

With his loyalty to his own community, and based on his passion for helping others, Ryan ensures that the people he advises can get the life insurance they must possess.

His financial insight, honed during his previous career as a regional manager for a mortgage investment company, enables him to guide clients towards the right policies – for the right reasons – at the right costs.

That philosophy defines the values and success of Local Life Agents, where Ryan continues to achieve impressive results and satisfy a diversity of clients – including high risk individuals, who now have life insurance (without having had to undergo a physical exam), thanks to his persistence.

A resident of Newport, Kentucky, Ryan is a native of suburban Cincinnati. He attended Ohio State University.

Ryan is a Kentucky life insurance agent who offers term life insurance, whole life insurance and final expense life insurance. I represent over 40 of the top life insurance companies in the country. You can contact me or run a life insurance quote and I will follow up within 24 hours.

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Kentucky Male Preferred Best Nonsmoker Rates. 20 Years.

These term rates are subject underwriting.

Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
30 $9 $13 $21
35 $9 $14 $22
40 $11 $18 $30
45 $16 $29 $52
50 $22 $43 $80
55 $34 $66 $127

Types of Life Insurance Policies Offered

Ryan Wood
Ryan WoodLife Insurance Agent
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” Being newly engaged it became time to supplement my work life insurance policy with a more substantial, yet affordable, term life insurance policy. Being somewhat familiar with the industry I was worried about finding an agent that would take the time to carefully evaluate my needs, provide an accurate quote based upon my unique health circumstances, all while providing great customer service. Ryan Wood delivered on all the above, his service and professionalism were truly impeccable. Ryan took great care in evaluating my personal needs and educating me on all of the insurance options I had available to me. Within only a few days he was able to locate and apply for a term policy that was the best fit for my family and I. Because of his thorough due diligence there was no surprises at the end of the process. The end result was a life insurance policy that will help secure my family’s future. I highly recommend using Ryan at Local Life Agents! ”

Brandon Freeman