What is a Life Insurance Rider?

A life insurance rider is a feature that you can add to a policy that will give you extra benefits if you need them during the life of a policy.  These are features you can add to customize a policy to your needs.  All riders must be quoted on the policy illustration before they can be added to the policy. Most riders do come with an additional cost.

Extra Cost

Having the right life insurance riders can make or break a life insurance policy. We stated most riders do come with an additional cost but can pay big if ever needed.

We have put together a guide to help you determine which life insurance riders are worth purchasing and which may be a waste of time and money.


Imagine having a rider that could pay your policy premiums if you were to become disabled or ill and could no longer afford to make the monthly payments. You don’t have to imagine because there is such a rider known as the waiver of premium rider.

Also, imagine a having rider attached your policy that would give you every back every penny that you paid in if you outlived the policy. This is called an ROP return of premium rider. It will actually give you back all of your premium if you out live the policy.

Knowing what you’re getting is half the battle and the benefits that come with each rider is even more important.

List of Top Riders

There are a lot of different riders that can be purchased with a life insurance policy. We wanted to touch on the most important riders that could help you in a time when you really need them.

Take a look to the menu on the left and this will let you know what each does. You can read each and get a sample of the cost to add each to a policy.