Choosing a Life Insurance Agent

by @Brad_Cummins

Choosing a life insurance agent is one of the most important decisions you can make with regard to buying life insurance. The difference between a good agent and a bad one – this is no exaggeration – can result in (unintentionally) denying your family hundreds of thousands of dollars in benefits. Local Life Agents has the independence to help you in a way a captive agent cannot match because, in the aftermath of your death, there must be enough money to protect your spouse and children when your income is no longer available. To repeat: Buying life insurance from a captive agent is a huge mistake because it immediately limits your choices, decreases the maximum amount of money your beneficiaries may receive and does not safeguard your friends and loved ones from financial danger.

Independent vs Captive Agents.


Independent agents represent multiple insurance companies and have the freedom to quote and place insurance with multiple insurance companies. Not all independents are created equal however. Some independent agents (like us) represent more carriers and have more access than other independents.


A captive agent is an agent who is captive to one life insurance company and can only sell there products. Think of State Farm, Farmers, All State, American Family. These type of agents don’t have the freedom to shop for their customers and can never compete with us when it come to life insurance.

The Advantages of Having an Independent Agent.

Local Life Agents are independent agents, meaning: We have the freedom to find you the greatest death benefit, at the lowest cost, thanks to our experience, diligence and exclusive Quote Engine that immediately searches over 30 of the top A rated life insurance companies at once. We combine revolutionary technology with remarkable insight, delivering value to you and economic security for those you love and trust.

The Trust Factor: Working with Local Life Agents.

Buying life insurance is a financial and deeply personal undertaking. It is your effort to ensure the stability and protection of those closest to you – your friends, family and loved ones – after you are no longer here. Hence the matter of trust: You must have an independent life insurance expert you can trust, a professional who will guide you through this process with respect and patience, so you can make the right decision.

Local Life Agents is a member company of Life Happens, the most trusted non-profit organization of its kind within the life insurance industry. We also have the credentials – from the BBB.

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Not All Independent Agents Are the Same.

Experience is the great point of distinction among life insurance agents.  Every day an agent gets his or her license to sell life insurance, but the fallout rate is tremendous because it is not easy to establish a career in this industry. There is no overnight success in this business:  Clocking 40 hours of classes, and passing a state exam to sell life insurance, is not a sign of wisdom.  Nor is it proof an agent has the discipline and intelligence to earn the trust of men and women, and couples and families.  A newly licensed agent lacks experience, which is essential for the long-term protection of your loved ones.

Remember, too, that you do not pay an agent.  An insurance company pays an agent.  Local Life Agents works with you, so you can purchase the right type of life insurance, but we get a commission from the insurance company that sells you a life insurance policy.  You never pay us for our assistance.

We are upfront with you, eager to answer your questions and available to address your concerns.

That is the hallmark of a true professional.

“Just take a look around. You will see we take life insurance serious. And we want to be your agent.”