Getting Life Insurance after a Heart Attack

For those of us blessed with good health, buying life insurance is not a problem.

Among the less fortunate, particularly among those men and women who have a history of heart disease, getting life insurance after a heart attack can be stressful, complicated and confusing.

Thankfully, Local Life Agents simplifies this process because we know exactly what it takes to get you the coverage you need and. We make buying life insurance after a heart attack as simple as possible.

What Is Heart Disease?

According to the Mayo Clinic, heart disease can cover a broad range of diagnoses, from coronary artery disease and congenital heart problems to irregular heart rhythm.

In general, heart disease involves constricted or blocked blood vessels that can result in a heart attack, pronounced chest pain (angina) or stroke.

Common symptoms of heart disease include shortness of breath, localized pain, weakness or numbness in the legs or arms where there may be narrowed blood vessels.

Pain may also occur in the back, neck, jaw, throat or upper abdominal region of a person suffering a heart attack.

Heart Attack Facts

Remember, this issue is a major health concern for people of all backgrounds.

According to statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 600,000 Americans die every year because of heart disease, a figure that is responsible for 1 out of every 4 deaths in the United States. Men account for more than half of those deaths, according to the most recent data, with almost 380,000 fatalities linked to this condition.

Annually, 720,000 Americans will have a heart attack. Over half-a-million (515,000) of these individuals will have had their first heart attack, while 205,000 will have had their second (or third, or fourth) heart attack. The economic impact of this disease is at least $108.9 billion, encompassing medical costs, hospitalization fees, medication bills, lost work hours and the expense of long-term care.

As a high risk life insurance applicant, these facts underscore the necessity of having life insurance for heart attack patients, or getting life insurance after a heart attack.  Local Life Agents is your ally for buying life insurance following a heart attack.

We also readily acknowledge that purchasing life insurance for someone who has had a heart attack, or the attempt to buy term life insurance after a heart attack, is not a simple assignment.

With our assistance – and through the transparency of our actions – we make searching for life insurance after a heart attack (within the right rate class) as seamless as possible.


The life insurance underwriting guidelines involving heart disease make this process a challenge, but that does not mean an applicant will automatically be denied coverage. Not with our help.

Two key questions need to be answered.  Was the heart damaged and has your follow up been timely.

The following information will determine the outcome of the underwriting process:

• The occurrence of a heart attack within the last year.
• Health problems responsible for a heart attack.
• Procedures to prevent the likelihood of another heart attack, such as coronary angioplasty or a bypass.
• What medications an applicant currently takes.
• If an applicant smokes.
• If an applicant has another significant medical condition(s), or has family members who have also had a heart attack or a history of heart disease.

Possible Outcome

Unable to consider until six months post-surgery

Best case: Standard Rates
Typical case: Table Rating 2-8
Worst case: Decline

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By clicking on and filling out the enclosed questionnaire we can immediately start shopping among more than 40 insurance carriers, to see if they will offer you coverage. If you qualify, we can offer you permanent life insurance or term life insurance. We give you the freedom to choose.

We will be with you throughout this process, since it takes up to six weeks (or more) before a life insurance company finishes its review and underwriting of your application. It can take even longer, depending on how quickly your doctor sends your medical records to an underwriter to review.

During that time, you will take a free medical exam with a paramedical representative. The exam allows a life insurance company to analyze your overall health and your medication history.