A recent article published by local news affiliate WATE in Knoxville, Tennessee, revealed that area women are forgoing life insurance in preference for other financially taxing necessities.

The revelation that parents who have dependent children and beneficiaries would go without life insurance seems worrisome, but according to Don Dare, a reporter for WATE, it is especially concerning among women. Dare, who argues that most women either don’t have a policy or are significantly underinsured for their needs, cites a 2011 report from Genworth Financial that revealed that 66 percent of single mothers are not insured at all.

While some people may dismiss life insurance as a service that they are needlessly throwing money into and won’t see the benefits of, consider the payout that would help with a number of financially-taxing situations that might plague your family after you are gone — lost income, mortgage payments and education expenses for children, to name a few. New parents just starting a family will find that now is a great time to buy life insurance because not only are they young and healthy, but term insurance can also be very affordable — a fact that moms and dads will be able to see for themselves with a 30-second quote comparison search on Local Life Agents.

For example, if a non-smoking, 30-year-old mother in good health and living in Tennessee was looking to leave her kids a $250,000 check, the premium payments for the majority of providers’ term life insurance policies would span between an average of $12 and $16 per month. Not only is this a reasonably affordable expense in the short-term, but also helps ensure in the long run that your family will be well taken care of for years to come.

If you have any questions about the differing types of life insurance coverage, or you want to run your own quote comparison and see for yourself how affordable and beneficial the right plan can be, call Local Life Agents today at 855 924 LIFE. Or our intuitive website will help you find your life insurance quotes online within seconds.

Term Life Insurance Rates for Mothers

Instant Quotes
Instant Quotes

20 Year Preferred Best Nonsmoker Rate Chart

These term rates are subject underwriting.

Age $100,000 $250,000 $500,000
25 $8 $12 $18
30 $8 $12 $18
35 $9 $12 $19