A touching photo of a 3-year-old boy with cancer being hugged by his mom has gone viral on Facebook, getting more than 60,000 likes within days.

Ariane Grabill, of Midlothian, Virginia, shared the photo when The Today Show asked viewers to post snapshots of their favorite vacations. Grabill submitted this photo of her and her son Aiden on a Florida beach, taken when he was undergoing cancer treatment. After the morning program reposted it the picture immediately went viral, catching the attention of internet users around the country and even the world.

The best part: Aiden completed his cancer treatment late last year, and the Grabills say that his medical scans are now coming back clean. He is happy and healthy — something that many parents of young children take for granted, but the Grabills likely never will.

“He turns 5 tomorrow and we are so thankful for another birthday to celebrate,” Ariane told The Today Show.

According to NBC-12, the local affiliate in Richmond, Virginia, parents of children with cancer have been reaching out to the Grabills to tell them how much the photo has inspired them, giving them hope in even the darkest moments.

The Grabills are involved with ongoing work to support children with cancer and their families. Aiden’s father Zach serves on the board of Richmond’s ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation.

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