This month, the Obama administration announced a plan for the extension of death benefits to same-sex married couples. This expansion would also allow employees to leave from work to care for a same-sex spouse, a benefit  that is already available to heterosexual couples.

The plan has been developed over the past year by Attorney General Eric Holder and various cabinet members, according to The Wall Street Journal. The push for the program’s acceptance follows the 2013 veto of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This decision by the Supreme Court criminalized the denial of federal benefits to legally married gay couples, creating positive momentum for the gay rights movement.

The proposal from the Obama administration would effectively allow same-sex spouses to take personal time off to care for a spouse through the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), carry life insurance that covers both partners and claim the death benefits of a deceased same-sex spouse. These things are currently not permitted in many states across the country.

In an official statement, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said, “Under the proposed revisions, the FMLA will be applied to all families equally, enabling individuals in same-sex marriages to fully exercise their rights and fulfill their responsibilities to their families.”

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