Getting life insurance with a pre-exsiting condition is hard to do; it may even be impossible for you to qualify for a traditional life insurance policy depending on the condition you have. But that does not mean you cannot get any coverage: Your options will, however, be limited.

As you age you may face certain health challenges, which may be the reason you are reading this very post.  If you want to figure out what options you have, then you have come to the right place.

Most people with pre-exsting conditions give up trying to buy life insurance because of three reasons. They can’t find the facts about the underwriting guidelines, to see if they may qualify; if they can qualify, it is difficult to figure out the cost of coverage; and thirdly, they struggle to find an agent who can explain the options available to these men and women.

We help customers solve all three of those challenges on a daily basis.  More importantly, we can help you buy life insurance if you have a per-existing medical condition.

Let us sort these things out together.

Where Can I Find the Underwriting Facts?

Yes, you do have to qualify to buy life insurance.  Every insurance company classifies a pre-exsiting condition in a different manner.  For example An underwriter will approach a pre-existing condition of cancer in a totally different way than an applicant who has diabetes.

And no, a pre-existing medical condition does not mean every life insurance company will automatically decline to issue you coverage.

If nothing else, I want you to have the facts – and I want to demystify this material – so you have a clear explanation of how this process works.

Think of this chance as a way to free yourself from the confusion, the rumors, and myths associated with getting life insurance.

The enclosed links (see below) go to specific pages, with specific sections, concerning pre-existing medical conditions (and medications) that make it more difficult to purchase life insurance.

High-Risk Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Cancer Patients and Survivors

Medications That Will Get You Declined for Life Insurance

I'm ready to work with an agent who knows.

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Figuring Out the Cost With a Pre-Exsiting Condition

Our Buyer’s Guide to Life Insurance is our gift to you – it is our free educational resource to the public at large – that explains, in 8 short and intelligible chapters, how the life insurance process works.

This must-read material is helpful for an individual with a pre-existing medical condition, a man or woman who wants to purchase life insurance.

Understanding What Influences the Cost of Life Insurance.

Finding an Agent

A confession: One of the things that upset me the most – the single thing I work my best to prevent – is the mistaken belief among a lot of people that they are somehow not good enough, not worthy enough . . . just plain not eligible to get life insurance.

What you need is an agent who is not scared to take a chance, and to invest the time and effort on your behalf.  You need someone who will contact underwriters and multiple companies, an agent who knows how to submit a trial application, and a well-written cover letter.  That is what we do.  We go the extra mile for customers with pre-exstiing conditions because we know how important getting life insurance is.

That is why it is wrong that so many citizens, to whom we owe so much, hear so little about the truth about getting life insurance.

Let’s Talk

If you have read this far, you have my thanks.

Secondly, you should know that you have options – do not give up!

It is my job to help you.

We can start by determining if you qualify to buy life insurance, then we can find the best policy (at the best price) for your needs and goals.

Again, I appreciate your time; and I look forward to speaking with you.