How Much Life Insurance Does a Stay-At-Home Mom Need?

A stay-at-home mom has one of the toughest jobs imaginable: She must balance the chaos of daily life – the social tornado that begins in the morning, with ringing phones and alarms, cooking and serving her husband and children breakfast, preparing one for work and the others for school – while running errands, attending parent-teacher conferences and after-school activities, readying dinner, helping a son or daughter with homework, and then, despite weeks of sleep deprivation and stress, maybe she will have a chance to relax.

That mom is worth more than we can conceive – and she deserves to have the right life insurance coverage to protect her family. She needs an independent life insurance professional, who can answer this crucial question:

“How much life insurance does a stay at home mom need?”

Any response to that query must acknowledge the approximate dollar amount – the emotional value is priceless – that corresponds to the average number of hours a stay-at-home mom works each week. That figure is close to 100 hours per week (96.6 hours, to be precise, according to a report published by, or more than $115,000 per year.

Please note: Those financial forecasts do not include the costs that a stay-at-home mom must pay for help from a nanny or babysitter, or a visiting nurse or lactation specialist, if you have recently given birth to a girl or boy.

Buying life insurance for a stay-at-home mom must take so many things into consideration, from deciding how much life insurance to purchase and whether you should undergo a physical exam to recognizing the tragedy (psychological and financial) of losing a spouse.

You need accurate information about these issues. You deserve nothing less than the best guidance and counsel, when making these decisions.

What Is the Average Dollar Amount of a Stay-At-Home Mom’s Work over the Course of 20 Years?

For example: If you calculate a stay-at-home mom’s economic value over the course of 20 years, which would represent raising a child and having that son or daughter graduate from high school and attend college, the monetary amount (based on a salary equal to $115,000) would be $2.3 million.

The point is, life insurance for a stay-at-home mom is a necessity because any such woman is indispensable. To fill the economic void of her passing is expensive, unless a stay-at-home mom has life insurance equal to or greater than the average sum listed above.

Life insurance for a stay-at-home mom is, therefore, just as important as having life insurance for the principal breadwinner for a family.

Ensuring the Financial Stability of a Family and Mortgage

Another factor involving life insurance for a stay-at-home mom, as well as knowing which companies will most quickly issue life insurance coverage on your behalf, is this: Understanding the amount it costs to maintain the financial stability of your family and mortgage.

If, for example, you are a stay-at-home mom with three children – and you also have a $250,000 mortgage – you will need at least $500,000 in life insurance coverage, so your husband and children can stay where they are . . . without your house, the place you love where the people you love live, does not fall into foreclosure.

How much life insurance you, as a stay-at-home mom, should buy must reflect these obligations.

If you have additional debts, and if you have underestimated the overhead of running a household, then take the time to work with an independent life insurance expert; collaborate with that professional, since he or she can advise you about the type of life insurance you should buy, the respective costs and rates (for stay-at-home mothers who are, say, 25-35-years-old), and whether term or permanent life insurance is your best option for protecting your family.

Choosing an Independent Life Insurance Expert

Finally, an independent life insurance expert is essential for a stay-at-home mom, who is eager to buy life insurance and wants to make an informed decision regarding this purchase.

Local Life Agents not only has the insight you need – we can immediately scour available policies from more than 40 life insurance companies, thanks to our exclusive Quote Engine – we also have spouses who are stay-at-home mothers.

We respect your concerns in a way others do not (and may never) appreciate because this issue is a personal priority.

We want our wives to have the same protection, which is why we are your allies in the effort to ensure a stay-at-home mom has the life insurance she deserves and her family has the financial safety it expects to receive.

Local Life Agents is the defender of stay-at-home moms, period.

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