The Life Insurance Costs Of The Most Dangerous Jobs On Earth (And Beyond)

Talk of a manned mission to Mars has been gathering pace over the last few years. Nasa aims to get there sometime in the 2030s, while SpaceX (Elon Musk) thinks it can beat them and plans to have the first humans walking on the red planet’s surface in 2026.

Which got us thinking…

Could a Mars astronaut get life insurance and if so, how much would it cost?

Well, our curiosity got the better of us and we decided to find out. At the same time we also worked out the life insurance costs for a number of other dangerous jobs – from snake milkers, to lion tamers!

Our infographic takes a look at the life insurance costs for astronauts and other high risk, dangerous jobs.

Check out our findings in the infographic below…

life insurance costs for high risk jobs (infographic)


So there you have it… the Mars astronauts (probably) won’t be able to take out a life insurance policy, but if you happen to be a humble, lower earth astronaut, then a $1,000,000 life insurance policy can be yours for $25,466 per annum. Bargain!

Here’s a recap on the life insurance costs for the other risky jobs in our infographic (with a little more information on each):

  • Building Demolition: $2,966
  • Tunnel Construction (under compressed air): $2,966
  • Coal Miner: $2,966
  • Deep Sea Diver (501′-750′)
  • Submariner (scientific research or commercial exploration): $25,466
  • Circus Trapeze Artist (without net): $3,966
  • Wild Animal Trainer: $5,466
  • Horse Or Mule Trainer: $2,966
  • Snake Milker: $2,966
  • Horse Racing (steeplechase): $5,466
  • Stuntman: $7,466
  • Bar Tender (in non reputable establishment): $2,966


So believe it or not a life insurance policy for a submariner actually costs the same as an astronaut!

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image credit: Fox Film (The Martian)