More and more insurance companies are offering coverage for man’s best friend, according to a recent report from TV news outlet CBS Pittsburgh. The policies are meant to help pet owners prepare for unforeseen illnesses or emergencies.

Pennsylvania veterinarian Dr. John Payne told the station that procedures for dogs and cats can occasionally cost $7,000 or more.

“On the one hand, the public demands advanced technologies, but on the other hand, they are expensive and you’ve got to charge for it,” Payne said to CBS. “So, pet insurance can be helpful in that case.”

The vet said he is seeing an increasing number of patients with pet insurance every year. On the opposite coast, the California Senate is even considering enacting a law to more closely regulate the industry. According to The Sacramento Bee, the bill was approved 78-0 in the state Assembly. A similar measure was vetoed by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger during a previous administration.

Pet owner Stuart Waldman told The Bee he purchased insurance for his dogs after he ended up spending $17,000 on an aging Anatolian Shepherd. But he was disappointed to learn that many pet policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions. According to Payne, some companies consider all hereditary conditions, such as hip dysplasia, to be pre-existing.

So how much does pet insurance cost? Of course, every case is unique, but The Las Vegas Sun reports that a policy for a five-year-old Boxer costs about $42 per month, while coverage for a five-year-old tabby cat might be around $15 per month.

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