Who Is an Independent Agent?

An independent life insurance agent is almost a self-explanatory term because it refers to a professional who has the freedom – he or she has the independence – to provide customers with a variety of life insurance policies from a variety of life insurance companies.

That independence means your life insurance agent can offer you greater flexibility concerning the specific type and cost of a life insurance policy.

An independent agent has the ability to give customers the best choices rather than presenting them with just one or two policies, which, because of high premiums and insufficient benefits, do not match the needs of most clients.

Working with an Independent Agent versus a Captive Agent.

You can spot the difference between these two once you work with an independent agent to shop for life insurance.

A captive agent can only show you quotes from one company, the company he or she represents. Imagine the limitations of that position. When you work with an independent agent, on the other hand, you have the ability to get quotes from more than one company.

That means you get a better price for a life insurance policy. You get more of what you need, by spending less, when you work with an independent agent.

Take a look at the enclosed chart, where we include pricing examples of Local Life Agents versus State Farm, Farmers, All-State.

American Family will not even let you see quotes without talking to an agent. Wow. So we left them out.


Male Non Smoker Best Rate Class age 37

20 Year Term$100,000$250,000$500,000$1,000,000
Local Life Agents $10.30$15.22$24.85$43.76
State Farm $16.30$23.93$37.00$60.05
Farmers $28.35$34.56$56.85$100.18
All StateNA on site$40.92$73.04$NA on site

We Take Our Independence a Step Further.

We have the world’s most powerful Quote Engine, built with in-house with our own proprietary technology. We make it easy for customers to shop, and calculate the cost of certain limits and the term lengths of individual policies.

Below is an example of our Quote Engine in action.  The results are clear, and there is no other resource of this kind on the Web for shopping for life insurance.

affordable life insurance quotes

We also have an 8-page Buyer’s Guide that explains how to provide your family with the maximum amount of life insurance at the lowest cost possible.

Check out our Buyer’s Guide here. Below is an excerpt from that material.



How Local life Agents Improves the Experience of Working with an Independent Agent.

We work with you, from start to finish, acting as your guide, ally and advocate. Remember: Buying life insurance is not easy, since there is so much erroneous and conflicting information online. There are misconceptions aplenty about getting life insurance; that it is simple to purchase and always affordable to own, or a quote is a guarantee of costs and coverage. Not true.

We clarify these issues because we are independent. We do not have any pressure to sell a particular policy, or to promote only one insurer because of some generous commission structure.

Most importantly, we ensure that you have an experienced professional who delivers personalized service with a degree of exceptional thoroughness and care.

You should not have to worry about the intricacies of buying life insurance – that is our job, one we take seriously because it is a serious duty.

We offer comprehensive solutions to complex challenges, while making convenience – your convenience – our priority.

Our Application Process

The application process is thorough, requiring you to provide information about any medical ailments you may have, as well as material about medications you take and background about your lifestyle, including answers to questions about whether you are a smoker, have a suspended driver’s license (or a past citation for a DUI or DWI), have a history of surgeries (for a chronic condition) and have any criminal convictions, among many other things.

The process can be tedious and different among different life insurance companies.

We streamline the application process by educating you about this exercise before you do anything else.

We also explain what one insurer, with regard to one policy, may want versus what another insurer (with a similar policy) may not even ask to see.

The point is: We bring stability to a situation that can be – and with other agents is – chaotic, stressful and disappointing.

Here Is a Sample of just a few of the Major Life Insurance Companies We Represent.

AIG Black and White
banner B&W
ing B&W
principal B&W
prudential B&W
protectivelife B&W
transamerica B&W