Hundreds of morning commuters in Australia banded together to free a man who had become trapped in the space between a train and the platform. The rescue happened at around 8:50 a.m. on August 6. The man had been trying to board when he reportedly slipped, his leg becoming wedged in the gap.

The man, who British newspaper The Daily Mail identifies only as “Andy,”  tried unsuccessfully to free himself. That’s when hundreds of other people at the station lined up along the side of the train. On the count of three, they all gave a mighty push, tilting the train enough so that Andy could get out. He was reportedly looked over by paramedics but, amazingly, he was not hurt. The man was able to get on a train to his original destination at 9:30 a.m., less than an hour after he became stuck.

The photo of the rescue effort quickly went viral, with social media users around the world sharing it on their profiles. Andy tells Australian news outlet Nine News that he had no many idea how many passengers were involved in helping him until he saw the picture for himself.

“Once I saw it I thought wow, that’s a pretty cool photo. That’s when I realized how big an effort it took to get me out,” Andy tells the source. “I was feeling a little bit of shock. I was sort of wobbly on my feet, it took me a while to sort of get my balance

[…] It’s something I’ll be telling my grandchildren about.”

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