You’re about to Pay Too Much for Life Insurance. Learn How You Can Avoid This Problem.

We know you would do anything to protect your family.

We know there is no limit to the amount of money you would spend.

With that being said – it does not mean you should overpay to protect them.

We also know that you want to leave your family the most life insurance possible but at the lowest cost.

That is exactly what we do for our clients.  We find YOU – from over 40 life insurance companies – the absolute lowest price humanly possible on life insurance.

Fact: Most people overpay for life insurance because they just don’t know how to buy.

Life insurance may be confusing to you, but it’s not to us.  We do this every day – all day.  We make the buying process fast and easy. We not only find you the best price, but we help you apply and get approved.

To start – did you know it is impossible to find a better price for life insurance than on our exclusive Quote Engine?  We didn’t build it for fun.  We built it to show you the price, side by side, from every top life insurance company in the country – so you can find the best price fast without having to waste a bunch of time.

Before you Even Start Shopping – Know This.

An online life insurance quote is just a starting point… It’s easy to get quotes.

But, eventually, you will have to submit an application to a company and go through an underwriting process.

Just because you see a price online does not mean you can medically qualify for that price.  Life insurance is not Obamacare. You have to qualify for it.

Only an experienced and skilled agent can show you which company may offer you the best price – per their underwriting guidelines before you apply.

Why It Is a Mistake Trying to Go from Website to Website.

When you visit multiple websites to get multiple (and conflicting) quotes for life insurance, it will not make buying life insurance easier, faster or cheaper.

You will, instead, enter a bunch of personal information . . . and then have these websites possibly sell your data to multiple life insurance agents who will then bombard you with unwanted calls, in an attempt to have you purchase a life insurance policy that you may not even qualify to buy.

When you run a quote with us none of that happens.  You will have one agent call and he will be your personal agent.

Also, life insurance rates are published and regulated by each state.  Which means you will not find a different price for the same policy from one site versus another.

So, unless you want to waste time – or put in a lot of unneeded extra work – it does not make sense to do these things.

Here is what you should know to find the best life insurance rates:

1. You Need to Know What a Rate Class Is.

There are four main rate classes:

  • Preferred Best
  • Preferred
  • Standard Plus
  • Standard

As well as two rate classes for smokers:

  • Preferred Smoker
  • Standard Smoker
You have to qualify for life insurance through an underwriting process.  A quote online is never binding until you complete the underwriting process.  Once you go through the underwriting process, you will receive a rate class.  The better your health, the better your rate class will be.

Why Is a Rate Class so Important?

Simply stated, qualifying for a Preferred Plus Rate versus a Standard Rate will mean a 100% difference in cost.  You can see these different rates and costs on our exclusive Quote Engine.  It is the only Quote Engine of its kind that will allow you to see all the prices side-by-side. We really break down in detail life insurance rate classes in our buyer’s guide here.

(The below image is a real-life example from our Quote Engine in which a customer can see the cost for each rate class instantly.)
life insurance rate class

Substandard Rate Classes

Besides the Standard rate classes, there are Substandard rates that make it even more challenging to approximate the cost of life insurance.  These Substandard rates are for men and women with preexisting medical conditions who want to buy life insurance, but may have to pay a surcharge because their particular ailments make them a higher risk to insure.

If you have a preexisting condition, you can still find out if you qualify to buy life insurance; you can learn about the underwriting guidelines, along with the best and worst-case scenarios associated with a rate class, by reading the material on our page about High Risk factors.

The majority of life insurance customers do not know what a life insurance rate class is.  They continue to buy the wrong life insurance, at the wrong price, for the wrong reasons.  These men and woman are wasting their money – and if you do likewise, you will be wasting your money – because they do not have an independent life insurance expert working on their behalf.

If you do not know what life insurance rate class you are eligible to receive, and if you do not know how the life insurance underwriting process works, then you will pay too much for too little coverage.

Every life insurance company has different underwriting guidelines.  Working with an agent who can help you figure out which company’s guidelines are best for you is the best way to save you money.

2. You Need to Know What an Independent Agent Is.

Another reason people overpay for life insurance is that they do not have an independent life insurance agent helping them buy coverage.  When you work with a captive life insurance agent, you will only see the policies that one life insurance company offers.  That agent cannot show you similar or superior policies that cost less because he or she represents a single brand.

Also, see how we fixed a $350,000 life insurance mistake from a captive agent here.

Local Life Agents has the independence – and the freedom – to give you a multitude of options regarding the sale of life insurance.  We represent over 40 of the nation’s top carriers, giving our customers unbiased and detailed information about the costs, guidelines, and benefits of each life insurance policy a person may qualify to purchase.

Just as you would want – and need – the best lawyer to represent you in court, and the best accountant to present your case to the IRS, you need the best independent life insurance professionals to get you the coverage you deserve.

Below are some examples of the most respected life insurance brands in America, which we represent and you will have a chance to access through Local Life Agents.

life companieslife insurance companies

3. You Shouldn’t Buy From Your Home or Auto Insurance Agent.

Your home and auto insurance agent is not a life insurance expert.  You will just end up paying more and getting less coverage when you buy from them.

Most property and casualty agents do not have the training, experience or independence to find you the best price.  Life insurance is a specialized category, with a complex series of rules, guidelines, questions, costs, and contingencies that a non-expert does not understand.

Bottom line:  Buying auto insurance is not even remotely similar to purchasing life insurance.  Your home or auto insurance agent may give you unrealistic expectations about how easy it is to buy life insurance.  Without the help of an independent life insurance agent, it does not matter what another agent (for a different class of insurance) has to say about your ability to get the best life insurance coverage.

The truth is in the numbers. Look at our best rates versus the competition.

Male Non Smoker Best Rate Class age 37

20 Year Term $100,000 $250,000 $500,000 $1,000,000
Local Life Agents $10.30 $15.22 $24.85 $43.76
State Farm $16.30 $23.93 $37.00 $60.05
Farmers $28.35 $34.56 $56.85 $100.18
All State NA on site $40.92 $73.04 $NA on site

4. You Have Not Used Our Exclusive Quote Engine.

People waste their time by going online and finding life insurance policies that do not apply to their respective situations or financial goals.  Local Life Agents has an exclusive Quote Engine that searches over 40 of the major life insurance companies throughout the United States, delivering answers in less than 30 seconds.

No other life insurance agency has this resource, which is the result of having run more than 15,000 quotes (during the course of a career).  No other life insurance agency has the proprietary technology that Local Life Agent possesses, which is the product of extensive research and development.

affordable life insurance quotes

When you work with Local Life Agents:

  • You will know what your life insurance rate class is.
  • You will have the freedom to choose coverage from a variety of life insurance carriers.
  • You will have the expertise only Local Life Agents can offer.
  • You will have access to the best Quote Engine of its kind.

You will get the life insurance you need, at a price you can afford, thanks to working with Local Life Agents.