Miles Scott is only five-years-old, but he’s already beaten leukemia and “saved” an entire city. Now his amazing feat is being featured in a new trailer for a documentary called “Batkid Begins.”

The New York Daily News reports that Miles was only 18-months-old when he was diagnosed and endured years of intensive medical treatments, but the little boy always seemed to find courage and inspiration in Batman. Miles told his parents and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of San Francisco that he wanted to be his favorite superhero for a day. The organization, which makes the dreams of critically ill children come true, planned a Batman film shoot featuring Miles as the star.

Organizers with Make-A-Wish asked volunteers to serve as “extras” for the movie, expecting a couple of hundred people to participate. However, the response was overwhelming, with 25,000 people lining the streets of San Francisco, cheering and waving homemade signs for the little boy.

“One thing that struck me the most was how many people were holding up signs saying, ‘Save us Batkid.’ And I looked at those signs and I thought, ‘You mean that literally,'” Mashable’s Chris Taylor told the documentary filmmakers. “In helping him to live this dream, we were saving ourselves. We wonder why we’re not happy a lot of the time and it’s because we forget this sort of thing.”

Indeed, Miles’ story is a poignant reminder of how often we neglect what is really important. While we can’t control things like cancer or accidents, we can go out of our way to brighten a stranger’s day and make a child’s dream come true.

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