You Insure Your Home and Auto, but not Your Life?

If you replaced the roof on your house, you wouldn’t just stop the project after covering the living room and kitchen, would you – leaving the bedrooms open, unprotected, and exposed to rain and other potential damages?

While it may sound like common knowledge, that’s exactly what many people do with their insurance protection.

Typically, they’ll cover the “essentials,” the tangibles that you can see such as their home, their autos, and their belongings. But the truth is that there’s a substantial amount that you’re still leaving unprotected if that’s where you stop.

Are You Only Protecting a Portion of Your Potential Needs?

While many people may not realize it, the loss of a family breadwinner could also mean the loss of the family home for those you love the most. If the unexpected were to occur, would you want your loved ones to uproot and be forced to start over?

In fact, the challenges such as debt obligations that are left behind, additional expenses such as unpaid final and medical bills, and ongoing income needs can ultimately put survivors into severe financial hardship.

This is where having life insurance coverage in place can offer both financial protection and peace of mind.

But how do you tie it all together?

It May Not Be the Best Idea to Put It All Into Just One Place

By working with a company and an adviser who can see the entire picture, it can be much easier to ensure that all of the “gaps” in your protection are filled in.

But, it can also limit you in a big way if you’re working with a “captive” insurance agent who is tied to just one insurance company and that company’s specific products, premium rates, and underwriting requirements. By working instead with an independent agent, you can cover all the bases – and get the best premium price, too.

Independent agents can typically work with a full line of insurance products, such as:

This way, there is no need to worry about having one or two pieces of the puzzle missing – pieces that could make a big difference if the unthinkable or the unexpected were to occur. An independent agent can also make sure that you get the most benefit for your dollar on all of the plans you go with – not just one or two of them. As an example take a look at some of the life insurance rates we offer compared to a captive agent:

The truth is in the numbers. Look at our best rates versus the competition.

Male Non Smoker Best Rate Class age 37

20 Year Term$100,000$250,000$500,000$1,000,000
Local Life Agents$10.30$15.22$24.85$43.76
State Farm$16.30$23.93$37.00$60.05
All StateNA on site$40.92$73.04$NA on site


Knowing that your home and belongings are protected from accidents and disasters is essential. But, that’s only part of the total plan.

Having your family, your goals, and your dreams protected will allow you to continue on the road of life – with all the right pieces in place.

See How Much You Can Save on Life Insurance.

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