Jack Hoffman may be the nation’s favorite football fan, thanks to his star turn as an honorary member of the Nebraska Cornhuskers team. Jack, an 8-year-old with brain cancer, made a 69-yard touchdown run in a 2013 spring game, the Big Ten Network reports. He went on to meet President Obama and even won an ESPY Award.

Unfortunately, Jack’s father Andy announced this week on the family’s Caring Bridge page that Jack’s tumor, which had been in remission since last fall, is once again growing.

“Today we were humbly reminded that when your child has an inoperable brain tumor, that anything can happen at any point in time,” Andy wrote. “Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. Jack is doing great.  This is a mild setback and everyone remains optimistic for Jack, including and especially his Mom and Dad.  We love you all and can’t thank you enough for your support.”

According to Jack’s father, the tumor will require some sort of additional treatment. The 8-year-old has already undergone two operations and one round of chemotherapy. Doctors tell the family that multiple surgery and radiation options are on the table.

Jack first gained national attention when he and former Nebraska runningback Rex Burkhead became friends, shortly after the young boy was diagnosed in 2011. Burkhead has since been traded to the Cincinnati Bengals, but the two still keep in touch. Andy said that after wrapping up this week’s medical examinations in Boston, the family was planning to take Jack to Kansas City to see Burkhead and his new team take on the Chiefs.

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