A viral video is resonating with Internet users around the world, inspiring them with the power of true love. A couple identified by The Huffington Post only as Tia and Justin met when they were in elementary school together in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. However, their young love was tested when Tia’s family moved away to Wisconsin. The two stayed together long-distance, keeping in touch by phone and social media. Justin had longstanding plans to go visit Tia at her new home when his mom unexpectedly passed away. He had to cancel his trip and lose his chance to see his love once again.

Soon after their failed reunion, the Air National Guard deployed Justin to Italy, making it seem less and less likely that the couple would get to see each other any time soon. However, when the people behind a video documentary project called “What Do You Want to Do Before You Die?” found out about their story, they set out to bring them back together. The group flew Tia across the Atlantic Ocean.

“She was just as beautiful as I thought she was going to be,” Justin tells the documentary producers. Tia adds, “Do whatever you can to make it happen because this is the only chance you’ll ever get and it’s 100 percent worth it.”

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