Captive Insurance Agents vs Independent Agents: Mistakes to Avoid.

There is a big difference between a captive and an independent life insurance agent. Knowing the differences between the two can save you time and money.

If you plan to buy life insurance, or if you have a friend or loved one who wants to purchase life insurance, it is important to know the differences between captive life insurance agents and independent life insurance agents.

Captive Life Insurance Agents: An Overview

A captive life insurance agent is, as the term suggests, someone who works for only one life insurance organization. That agent will exclusively market, and try to sell, life insurance policies (and other products and services) from the insurer he or she represents.

The companies with the largest number of captive insurance agents include State Farm, Allstate, Farmers Insurance Group, American Family Insurance.

Some of the bigger life only captive agents consist of  Western Southern Life, Primerica, Northwestern Mutual, New York Life, and Horace Mann Insurance.

While a captive agent may have a thorough understanding of the various life insurance policies his or her company offers, that same agent is unable to present options from other insurers. Other policies may be more comprehensive and affordable for current or prospective clients, but a captive agent cannot sell or promote this fact.

The biggest problem concerning captive life insurance agents is, again, the inherent limitations associated with selling only one company’s products and services. Despite whatever advertising or promotional campaigns, these companies may run about their respective name recognition and prestige, the facts tell a different story.

For the fact is, too many captive insurance agents try to sell policies that are too expensive, too inferior and too difficult (for prospective clients) to purchase because of very rigid underwriting guidelines. If a potential client does not know this information, or if a captive insurance agent does not volunteer this material (that he or she can only present a single company’s policies), that prospective client may not even be eligible to buy life insurance from that carrier.

Even worse, that individual may then be under the false impression that he or she cannot qualify to purchase life insurance, period. Thus, it is essential to be aware of the distinction between captive and independent life insurance agents.

Independent Life Insurance Agent Advantages: A Summary

Independent life insurance agents are responsible for more than half of all life insurance policies sold every year. An independent agent is just that: A professional who does not work for a single life insurance company. He or she sells policies from a diverse selection of life insurers and can find you the best companies to choose from.

Companies like Banner Life, MetLife, Principal, Sagicore, Pacific Life, Transamerica, Assurity, ANICO, and Prudential are (mostly) independent insurers, to cite a few notable examples.

Independent life insurance agents can guide you through the underwriting process, and show you multiple quotes from many life insurance companies. The emphasis here is on choices, plural, based on the needs of various clients.

Also, independent life insurance agent contracts are part of a broad portfolio of contracts that prospective clients can review and compare. An appointment with an independent life insurance agent is a good way to further clarify things because the advantages an independent life insurance agent offers are many; and those benefits deserve your attention and consideration.

Not all Independent Agents are Created Equal

Bear in mind, too, that not all independent life insurance agents are the same. There are degrees of independence, and the agents with the greatest freedom – the ones with access to the greatest number of high-quality insurers – are the ones a potential client should contact.

This distinction between captive life insurance agents and independent life insurance agents is an important one. Knowing this fact is essential, when deciding to purchase life insurance.

One of the greatest benefits of buying life insurance from Local Life Agents is independence. Meaning: We are not captive agents; we do not work for only one life insurance provider, forced to sell products that may not be as affordable or comprehensive as competing policies.

This advantage enables us to search among 40 life insurance carriers, thanks to our exclusive Quote Engine, to find the right policy – for the right applicant – within the right rate class. Our independence translates into your freedom, to compare, shop and save, so you get the life insurance you need for the financial safety you and your loved ones deserve.

Best of all, we are not obligated to even try to sell you anything. Our responsibility is to ensure you get the facts about life insurance, based on your specific profile, age and medical condition, among other things.

Local Life Agents is independent, by choice, so you have the freedom of choice. Our personalized approach, tailored to your individual goals and circumstances, demystifies this process.

We present the positive features and costs of each policy, according to the qualifications you must meet (to be eligible to purchase life insurance); and we are at your side, ready to answer your questions and explain the underwriting guidelines because we want to help you.

Transparent, accessible and wise – those strengths are at the center of everything we do.