The Food and Drug Administration is currently working to set new rules and guidelines for the rapidly growing electronic cigarette market. Advocates of the products say the smoke-free nicotine delivery devices are safer than cigarettes. Critics argue that they still represent significant health risks.

The issue’s also raising questions in the insurance industry. Smoking takes 10 years off of a person’s life expectancy, according to the Centers for Disease Control. That means cigarette users pay more for life insurance, because they represent a greater risk for insurers. But what if a smoker switches from tobacco to electronic cigarettes? Would their life insurance premiums go down?

The answer, of course, could change as e-cigarette use becomes more widespread and industry norms evolve. For now the vast majority of life insurance companies still consider an e-cigarette user a smoker. In fact, as one insurance underwriter recently told The Huffington Post, the industry typically groups even users of nicotine patches, nasal spray and gum together with traditional smokers. One recent survey, as reported by Business Week, found that the majority of 151 life insurance underwriters said their companies do not have specific e-cigarette insurance policies. However, nine out of 10 also said they consider e-cigarette users to be smokers.

We can get e-cigarette users non smoker rates

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