When Sigrid Endreson’s mother Flossie passed away, she and her 16 siblings decided to do a little something to honor their late mom’s memory — play the lottery. When she was alive, Endreson tells the Today Show, Flossie dreamed of taking home a big lotto prize and sharing the winnings with her large family.

After their mother’s death, the 17 siblings pooled their resources together to pay for their mother’s funeral. After the service they had a little money left over so they decided to keep Flossie’s traditional family lottery pool going. Endreson used that money to buy the ticket that ended up winning a $20.1 million jackpot.

“It was all God that made it happen,” Endreson said at a press conference in New Jersey. “He knew exactly what he was doing and exactly how many people were in this family and how much to give.”

The group decided to get the lump sum of $14 million and, of course, they plan to split it 17 ways. That comes out to more than $800,000 each.

The siblings range in age from 53 to 76. Two of them own property that was damaged by Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and plan to use their portion of the winnings to repair their homes.

CNN’s wire service reports that when asked what Flossie would say about the family’s good luck if she were still alive, one sibling shouted, “Hallelujah!”

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