What You Should Know About Us.

Local Life Agents is one of the nation’s leading independent insurance agencies, offering life insurance products in all 50 states.

That advantage represents the breadth of our influence, but it also confirms the depth of our experience: The skill necessary to quickly find, gather and present life insurance options to each client, based on that person’s age, gender, medical condition, budget and financial goals.

That talent is the force behind our customized approach to the services we provide and the guidance we deliver.

From the beginning, trust continues to be – and it shall always be – the rule we preserve, protect and defend.

That trust enables us to find the best life insurance policies, with the best rates and benefits, for the right reasons.

Our exclusive Quote Engine, powered by our proprietary technology, searches over 40 of the country’s top life insurance companies within seconds. The results give our clients choices; they have the chance to compare costs, thanks to the transparency of this resource, and the freedom to buy the policy that best suits their individual requirements.

We are your advocates throughout this process, ready to answer any questions you may have and help you with any policies you may want to pursue.

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, people who entrust us to find them the best life insurance for their individual needs.

More importantly, our clients respect us – the feeling is likewise – because we deliver customized service.

For us, life insurance is a personal matter: It warrants compassion and understanding – it may be a time for us, as partners and friends, to grieve with you – and it may also be an occasion for us to rejoice with you.

From single men and women to couples, parents and families to seniors and retirees, we work with a diverse group of customers throughout the United States.

Each client’s goals define our mission, and each customer’s testimonial on our behalf proves that fact.

Independent, professional, resourceful and wise, we use those gifts to help our customers.

Our agents are intelligent, professional and wise because they never stop their quest to learn more about their industry, and they never cease their desire to be the best trained experts involving the sale or purchase of life insurance.

From the processes we supervise and streamline for your benefit to the products we provide, our agents are your advocates and allies.

Leaders in the quality of their work, and leaders of character in the communities they serve, our agents are a living testament to our founding principles of trust and security.